We work through
the 11 Districts of Delhi In

supporting families and children in crisis especially in need of family based care.

Children and families are the future in a joint manner. If children are moved out of families due to a disaster and institutionalized for their childhood, they will lose the opportunity to grow with love, affection and hope.

Family based care is one of the core purposes of what we believe in, and propagate through the KARE programme so that we can reduce institutionalization of children as well as traumas of a parent and ensure they can overcome short term challenges to live together in love, hope and joy.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable families is

Our Goal

Each one of us is linked through a myriad of needs that must be fulfilled.

At SSG we believe a family is crucial for the needs of both a parent or kin family and their child, but that is incomplete without support through counselling, mentoring, education and eventually employment or micro enterprise.

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World With Humanity

Delivering help and hope to children, women and families

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Organization Helping to bring sustainable impact for children, women and families

Delivering help and hope to children, women and families

We Are In A Mission

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