striving for families, children, women and disabilities


Children must be cared for, if we want a future with world of people who care for each other and for the planet. We believe in investing in the future of children.


In the context of India, women need to be empowered and skilled, as they have the power and perseverence to change the lives around them.


With more than 30 million people impacted with disability, we have to bring sustainable and positive change.

Kinship Care

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Skill Training

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Disability Life Care

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What our beneficiaries say

“I am from Nepal. I grew through the education programme and am very happy now be in year 11 in school. I had a great time studying at the centre and enjoyed all the fun and education as well.  I would like to be an Air hostess one day”


“My name is Pooja. I am 12 years old. I lost both my parents, and my grand mother looks after me and my siblings. The KARE programme is the strongest support for my grandmother and us as we try to stay together and survive as a family”


“My name is Shweta and I come to study at the skill Training centre. I love learning my skills in beauty and hair care. I want to help my mother to support my family and to become financially independent. I would love to have my own salon one day!”


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Our Awesome Team

An organization is only as successful as the team that work together consistently

Himadri De

Executive Director

With a Masters in Business Administration, Himadri has spent more than 20 years in social work and loves working with people.

Vandana De

Programme Manager

Having worked more than 25 years in social work and administration, Vandana enjoys coordinating every part of management.

Moumita Roy Choudhury

KARE Senior Coordinator

With a degree of LLB,MSW and Mphil she leads the dynamic Kinship progamme team

Akhrole Mathews

Case Coordinator

She is trained in Theology but loves working with children and is a part of the Kinship programme team

Sonia Khan

Child Educator

Sonia has a training in primary educatrion, and loves spending her day working with toddlers and young children in the Eduquip programme


Skill Instructor

With more than 10 years of experience Varsha heads the training department for skill training for garment manufacturing


Skill Instructor

With about 15 years of experience, Asha brings skill training to the department of hair and beauty training

Allwyn Shedrick

Manager Disability Care

Allwyn shares the care and compassion for the management of the life care centre for the orphan people with disabilities in our Jabalpur centre







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Children Children must be cared for, if we want a future with world of people who care for each other and for the planet. We believe in investing in the…
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