Shahana’s story

Shahana’s story

May 9, 2018 Skill training 0

When the tragedy of the loss of her husband due to kidney failure struck 45 years old Shahana , it left her shattered and heartbroken. She tried all the measures to save her husband but in the end couldn’t save his life. In the midst of miserable condition, sadly she was left without a single penny, no means of survival and having no children. Shahana had no other option but to move to her parent’s house.

 Not getting the privilege to get educated as a child and with the fading age Shahana’s health is also deteriorating because of diabetes due to which she is dependent on her three brothers as means of survival. However, being themselves uneducated having their own families plunging into the web of poverty they only supports her with food, shelter and clothing. They cannot provide her any financial assistance which makes Shahana more stressed as she needs to repay huge amount of debt which she took from bank for treating her husband’s illness.

In such adverse financial circumstances she has muster up some courage to become financially independent by gaining vocational skills in order to repay the debt.  At our skill training centre we are devoting towards training her in skills of tailoring, so that she gets a secure job to be independent and have a respectful life again.

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