Shubham “An Ambitious Boy”

Shubham “An Ambitious Boy”

June 4, 2018 Eduquip 0

Shubham a very gregarious child loves to attend our education program. He has been coming to our education program since 4 years and through the constant support from our teachers Shubham has shown drastic improvement over the past few years. Maths which seems very hard for most of the children is amazingly Shubham’s strongest point. He enjoys going to school and love spending time with his friends.

His parents being uneducated understands how harsh it is to survive in this materialistic world therefore dreams of seeing him as a successful person and always supports and encourages him to study hard to be able to stand on his own feet.

On the other hand being 14 years old Shubham tries to explore his career interests and dreams of becoming manager of a company. He seems to be motivated and has lot of caliber though he will be supported through counseling to help him lead towards his future career goals.

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