Struggles of a young single mother

Struggles of a young single mother

July 3, 2018 Skill training 0

Teenage is a very sensitive stage of life where every teenager goes through hormonal and physical changes, and encounters conflicting emotions. One wrong step can ruin your life. I was very young – around 16 – when I eloped from my home in Ludhiana, in Punjab. Full of hopes, aspirations, and dreams, but with limited resources, I came to Delhi and got married. Being young and inexperienced, I never realized that this step would soon drag me through the miseries of life.

A year into my marriage, I learnt that my husband was an alcoholic and drug addict. His addiction increased by the day and worsened my life. Soon he left our family, never to return. I was devastated, but being a mother I had to take a stand and move ahead with life.

I’m now 21, and living with my in-laws without any support from them. My parents have also refused to support me. It is a challenge, everyday, to give a better life to my two children. Being illiterate the daily struggle to survive is affecting me both mentally and physically. Earning Rs. 5000 a month does not fulfill my basic necessities.

Like every mother, I too want to bring my children out of this trap of poverty. Therefore, I enrolled for Shishu Sangapon Griha’s beautician course, to become independent. “I’m very grateful to Shishu Sangopan Griha for helping me at the most vulnerable times and providing me with further guidance and motivation”.

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