A challenging spirit of mother

A challenging spirit of mother

July 17, 2018 KARE 0

Jai Mala, a 40-year-old courageous lady, was leading a joyful life with her husband and two children in her village. However, life pushed her into an unfortunate tragedy when she lost her husband 10 years ago. With the passing away of her husband, Jai Mala’s life became miserable as she got subjected to mental torture by her in-laws. From false allegations to being denied her basic needs by her in-laws and the village council, Jai Mala and her children were disowned from the family’s property and her only source of income – a small shop – was snatched away by her brothers-in law, along with her savings and jewellery.

With all her earnings gone, life for Jai Mala and her two children slipped into uncertainty and poverty, forcing her to pull out the children from school. Having no choice but to move out of the village, Jai Mala and her two children migrated to Delhi with the support of her mother. Jai Mala started working as a caretaker to earn a livelihood. With passing time her health is deteriorating due to high blood pressure, which also prevents her from working regularly. But as a mother she has a desire to see her children standing on their own feet. This gives her the determination to overcome all hardships for the sake of her children.

The KARE program stepped in to provide support to the family, and with regular counseling to Jai Mala which will help her to create a better future for her children.

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