A dream to be independent

A dream to be independent

July 25, 2018 Skill training 0

Swechha, a talented and confident 22-year-old girl, has made it her life’s mission to become independent. Married at an early age, Swechha has a one-and-half year old daughter. Her life underwent a drastic change when she went against her family to get married, and her family broke all ties with her.

Despite all the struggles, Swechha is about to complete her bachelors with the support of her husband and in-laws, and intends to go for her masters after this. Her zeal to achieve something in life made her committed towards building a career. She is firmly determined to set up a boutique, but the financial crisis which she and her husband are going through is making it difficult for the family to survive. Therefore, Swechha enrolled in our vocational training program in tailoring and is putting all efforts to master the skills which she plans to utilise in her boutique.

Having a firm resolve to be independent and give a better life to her daughter, Swechha also gives tuitions in order to manage her expenses.

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