Archana’s Story

Archana’s Story

July 31, 2018 Eduquip 0

Archana, a 13 year-old with lively eyes, is full of spirit and energy. Often seen as the leader of her girl gang, she can often be found wandering and playing with her friends, all the while keeping everyone around her in a good mood with her infectious laugh. But in the midst of all her fun, Archana lags behind in her studies due to her lack of seriousness and motivation.

I did not score well in my 8th grade, says Archana, and disappointed my parents with my performance in class. I have assured them I will work harder this time to get a better result. I will not disappoint my parents, she says.

My dream is to become an air hostess, to fly high with wings. I also want to improve my English communication skills, and for this I sometimes converse in English with my sister at home.

The best parts of my week are my classes at Shishu Sangopan Griha. The classes here are fun, with the teachers using interesting techniques and methods of teaching. And then of course there are my friends and class mates, cracking jokes and always making us laugh.

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