A Story of Courageous Single father

A Story of Courageous Single father

August 7, 2018 KARE 0

My life was going smoothly with my wife and three beautiful children even though there were challengesto make the ends meet but my family would fill that place with joy, laughter and happiness. In 2015, our blissful life became completely devastated when my wife left us tragically.  Her death was the most difficult phase for us. It left me in a terrible shock and I was not able go to work for 3 months. Managing children, home and expenses was taking a toll mentally, emotionally and physically. My mind was numb and in a dilemma; being illiterate and plunging into uncertainty and poverty I was not able to face the struggles and hardships which life was showing me. I often thought about my options for our survival.

However, somewhere in my heart I knew that I had to take the responsibility of raising my children and give them the best future possible. I gathered all my courage and decided to live my life for them. I wanted to prove that a single father who is determined can conquer parenting on his own. I learnt to prepare meals for them, get them ready for their school and continued to work hard day and night for our survival.But it was still very difficult with a meager income of Rs. 1000 per month. I feel really blessed to have responsible children who, along with their studies started to take tuition in the neighborhood to support me. KARE came as a blessing for us as it helped us not only to overcome our challenges, but the team became our confidante; we shared our problems with them like we would within our family. They support us with crucial support, listening to our needs, and helping to find solutions for them. They have changed the lives of me and my children.

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