Alka’s Hardships

Alka’s Hardships

September 4, 2018 Skill training 0

18-year-old Alka is going through tremendous hardship after losing her father to cancer a year ago. Her mother, being physically handicapped, cannot work and earn a living. Both Alka and her mother are, therefore, being taken care of by Alka’s elder sister who is a strong pillar for them – both emotionally and financially.

Alka wants to be independent and dreams of studying to become a nurse. But looking at her family’s adverse condition she is in a dilemma as the stress of her mother’s well-being restrains her from taking a step ahead for her career. Alka enrolled in our vocational training program, with a dream of being independent. She is mastering her skills in tailoring, which will also motivate her to gain confidence in herself.

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