An Adorable Daughter

An Adorable Daughter

September 13, 2018 Eduquip 0

Getting up early in the morning to get ready for school is exciting and fun, says 13 year-old Megha. I feel charged up going to school as I love studying, she says, and also because of my many friends there.

I live with my father and younger sister. My father is a strong man and I am very proud of him for handling all the household responsibilities from cooking to earning a living for the family and taking care of us. After my tuition classes, I help my father with some of the household chores.

My father is an inspiration to me, as I have always seen him motivating and encouraging and never cribbing or complaining. He has deep faith in me and wants me to be successful in life. I dream of becoming an engineer, but I feel sad that I’m weak in math. Despite this, whenever I don’t do well in math my father always says “Don’t worry, next time work harder and I know you can do it”. These words of encouragement raise my confidence every time.

One of the best times I spend is in Shishu Sangopan Griha where I come for my classes in the afternoon. All the teachers here are my favorites, as they make us do some serious studies. I learn something new here, everyday, and some of the most enjoyable moments for me have been on our trips and summer camps.

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