Being a single mother is not easy

Being a single mother is not easy

September 20, 2018 KARE 0

Being a single mother requires lot of courage and strength since you are always look down upon by the society, especially when you are illiterate and has no means of survival says, 25 years old Pooja mother of three. As a child I always used to find marriage fascinating till I myself got married when I was just a child which became a nightmare. Soon, after my marriage I found out that my husband was an alcoholic and this was just the beginning of my problems. As the years passed by and troubles kept piling up, I entered my 10th year of marriage and my life changed unrecognizable

when my husband passed away due to liver failure. I was left alone with the pressure of raising my 3 children with barely any kind of support neither emotionally nor financially. After the demise of my husband the miseries and financial burden started caving in. My in- laws started causing hindrances in my children’s education, as they feel that education is a wastage of time. They tried all the methods to drop my children from school by brainwashing them against me but somehow I being resolute in my mission to give a better future to my children through education didn’t let them win.

I often feel hopeless and despondent due to financial stress as well as stress of raising my children but I’m really grateful to the KARE program for always lighting a ray of hope whenever sorrow surrounds me and for their constant support to me and my family. Through KARE’s support I’m able to pay my daughter’s education fees which would have been impossible.

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