Grandparents Love

Grandparents Love

October 12, 2018 KARE 0

“In the absence of parents, it is usually the grandparents who step in to nurture their grandchildren no matter how difficult the circumstances”, says 54-year-old, Edwin John.“Seven years ago my daughter was driven to her suicide by my son-in-law. She was constantly harassed and physically abused by her husband who was a chronic alcoholic. This terrible incident terribly shook my wife and I and the responsibility of raising our only grand-daughter fell upon our shoulders. Before she took the drastic step, my daughter left a suicide note saying, “if you can take care of my daughter, please take her along with you else you can give her away to an orphanage.”However, as grandparents, our hearts would never allow us to give away our grand-daughter to an orphanage, hence; we decided to take on the sole-responsibility of raising her. It’s truly been a challenge for us, especially since I am unable to find regular work owing to my injured leg and because my wife barely earns Rs.8, 000 per month.  Despite that, we are striving hard by working relentlessly to fulfill all the needs of our grand-daughter and we are trying to support her at every step of her life.”

“Thanks to the support we have received from the KARE project, our worries have been alleviated to a great extent, as we are sure that the future of our grand-daughter is no longer and one day we will see her achieving her dreams.”

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