Cheerful Ashima

Cheerful Ashima

October 23, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Ashima is now 15 years old. She is a very cheerful girl with a responsible head on her shoulders! She loves her foster family, where she has been legally placed. Her mother and her sisters are a strong and well woven family.

Ashima has remarkable creative skills in arts & crafts and an intense passion for Bollywood dance. At the same time her performance at school is extremely outstanding.During her last year at school when she was in the 10th grade, she was appointed and took on the responsibility of being a captain of a house. She just completed her class 10th board exams and is optimistically waiting for her results.

Ashima has positive capabilities; she is confident and strong. She loves extra-curricular activities for fun but looks more seriously at her future to becoming independent as an English Teacher someday.

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