A strong determination by Arti

A strong determination by Arti

November 23, 2018 Skill training 0

Arti is 17 years old and hails from Tamil Nadu. After living in Bangalore for a while, Arti and her family migrated to Delhi, a year ago in search of work and due to a family feud. I dropped out from school after 9th standard owing to the family feud. The negative environment in my family was so nerve racking that I lost motivation to continue my studies. After coming to Delhi my family is living hand to mouth life. My mother works as a housemaid and my father works in a shop. We face a lot of financial problems and find it very hard to fulfill even our basic needs for survival. Now I understand the importance of education but I still lack that motivation and courage to pursue my education. On the other hand I eagerly want to support my family financially to overcome the financial stress. Therefore, to make this possible I gathered all my courage and wisdom and decided to gain skills, so that I can make best use of them.

I got enrolled in a computer course which I have successfully completed and is now pursuing the tailoring course provided by Shishu Sangopan Griha. I really love doing the course and also plan on joining the beautician course here to gain some beauty skills as well.

Arti seems to be a very passionate girl who wants to learn more and more and do something in life in order to make something of her in future.  She says “If I get the opportunity to continue my studies I will grab this opportunity and will regain my confidence back”.


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