“A grandmother struggling for her grand-children”

“A grandmother struggling for her grand-children”

December 13, 2018 KARE 0

Ram Kumari grandmother of two is dealing with difficult circumstances of life. Since, the death of her daughter she is looking after her grand children. Ram Kumari says my daughter was very beautiful and hard working girl. My love for her will always remain eternal. As a mother I wanted to fulfill all her desires and wishes. She got married by her own wish and I stood by her decision which I always respected it.

It is a saying that marriage is a beautiful relation between the two souls, same feeling my daughter had during the initial years of her marriage but soon darkness started covering her life when my son-in law started physically abusing her under the influence of alcohol. These distressing days of continuous assault might have taken her life. Till now I’m not sure about the reason for her death. What I know that she slipped off the balcony but as a mother my heart tells something else. Now, I have the responsibility of my two grand-children but my old age doesn’t allow me to work. My grand- daughter supports the family and also the conditions of our community is very precarious for the children hence my grand-daughter stays at her workplace where she works as a house maid. My grandson is in school and with the income of my grand-daughter it is very hard for us to survive and fulfill all the needs of my grandchildren. I want my grandchildren to be happy and to lead life of joy and happiness. Before I pass away my only wish is to see them settled and happy and I feel very optimistic that after the support from KARE program I would be able to fulfill my role as a grandmother and also their wishes and desires.

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