Success Strory

Success Strory

January 18, 2019 Uncategorized 0

I love to follow my dream but some circumstances are so unavoidable that a dream remains a mere conscious of thought says, 20 years old Poonam. But undaunted I forged ahead overcoming all the obstacles I courageously pursued my graduation.

Even after joining the graduation Poonam felt that something was missing in her life which was confidence and communication skills. Deep inside her heart Poonam knew if she doesn’t take the initiative to improve on these two imperative parameters for a better future, then she will fail in her life. Undismayed, Poonam joined our tailoring course to gain some skill and English speaking course to improve her communication.

Now, one can see a lot of difference in new Poonam from the old Poonam. As per the feedback from our tailoring teacher Poonam’s capacity is such that she could learn new things very quickly and also by interacting with other students has helped her gain a lot of self- confidence. Poonam being from a Hindi Medium background never thought of herself confidently speaking in English in front of others or interacting in English, but, now she has started talking in English. Having a strong will and urge to discover herself she managed to learn the language. These two important aspects: confidence and language have showed a right direction in her career and now Poonam never feels shy of walking anywhere or talking to anyone.

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