A life filled with hope

A life filled with hope

February 11, 2019 KARE 0

Since childhood, life never favoured me or my family. And I had to endure various challenges and hardships after my father’s demise. Being a girl in this country meant a huge gap in getting access to education. I was forced to drop out from school and help my mother in earning for the family, so that my brothers could study.

Being too young to understand the notion of marriage, when I was married off at 15, I thought life would take a beautiful turn. Destiny, however, had other plans for me. I was regularly beaten brutally by my husband under the influence of alcohol, and had to work hard for hours to feed my four children.

As years passed by in the hope of things turning better, my husband suddenly died due to extreme alcoholism. The financial stress and burden of managing the family without any external help made my life more difficult and my children more vulnerable. It took special courage on my part to escape the clutches of miseries; I worked harder than before to give an education to my children. But money was still an issue.

The KARE project appeared to me as a ”beacon of hope” for me. For the very first time, I felt there was someone who would hear my voice and see my struggle.  I am grateful to the team of Shishu Sangopan Griha for saving the lives of my children with the KARE project, and for also enrolling them in the Ediquip program.


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