August 5, 2019 KARE 0

As a single mother, raising a daughter alone in the slums comes with a bundle of different challenges. Rosy feels that the environment is very insecure for her only daughter. She further says, raising my daughter in this slum is very troublesome. “Security is lapse”, there are rapes, child abduction and random killing. I’m under constant pressure for protecting my daughter.

Talking about my ill-fated life’s story I got married at a very young age, which is a common practice in our society.  I never wanted to get married that early, however, I was promised by my in-laws that they will let me study further after marriage but, sooner I realized they laid a trap by promising me with false hopes. I distinctly remember that from the second day of my marriage my husband started beating me up mercilessly till the wounds were left on my body. Unwilling to tolerate the abusive marriage I decided to take divorce and I shifted to my mother’s place with my daughter. I didn’t have any financial access except for my legal decree of divorce.

After constant search for a stable job, I found a job at a creche, however my earnings were not enough for our survival. Then KARE program intervened and started supporting us, it lifted my heart and brought my missing happiness back.  Now we have the opportunity once again to be bonded as a family, fulfilling the needs of nutrition, medical and education for my daughter.

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