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If we choose not to help, these children may have to be put into institutional care through their childhood; and often that is insufficient because there is just not enough place for all of them. To already be broken without a family is hard, and survival is even harder.

Together we have a choice – a small contribution by each of us can make a huge impact on thousands of such children for the future.

If you would like to be a regular sponsor for such a child, just check the box in the form as you make your contribution and we will get back to you.

With a changing world with so much negativity, let us bring the joys of life, happiness and family back into the lives of our children.

While India continues to ride over a population of 130 crores, we are equally challenged with children who lose one or both parents due to natural disasters, calamities or family breakdowns. It is estimated by Government figures that more than 2 crore of children live in such conditions, and Covid 19 has only made it worse since 2020.

Today we are standing at a major cross road where thousands of new children have joined this unfortunate group of young people – who suddenly have to survive and reset their lives for their entirety.

We are working with the Government to assist as many children as possible, through immediate resources as well as long term support, but it wont be possible alone. As a society we are called together right now, to make an impact for their future.

Please make a one time contribution of just Rs 501 or Rs 1001 towards their future.

You can truly impact a life of a child who is in this crisis situation today.