Over the past almost 2 decades SSG has been providing a family based care through Foster care for some orphan girls at our project. These young girls are now in their mid teens and in their high school now! Our eldest is already in University studying Bachelors in Commerce with Computer Applications.

Our young ladies are blessed with a loving foster mother and support staff who provide a wholesome family and environment. Besides education being an integral part of their lives, they also participate in all activities and fun that is natural for a child at this age!


This year due to Covid they have been out of school but we are fortunate that through donations we could buy tablets for each of them so they can continue with their education online. Celebrations and birthdays too are a part of life and must be equally celebrated with joy and happiness. Its almost the end of 2020 and we know it has been stressful for everyone including our foster family due to the restrictions around us – but prevention is crucial for health at this time and we are sure that when Covid is overcome through vaccines, the lives of our foster family will once again see wonderful days again!

Our primary costs include clothing, toiletries, groceries and food, medicines, education, tuitions, and of course the foster mothers. If you would like to sponsor a child do write to us so that we can together, make an impact in their lives to last a lifetime!