The KARE programme is completely unique to the environment of our country and developed keeping in mind the local challenges and the ways of overcoming them. While there are many options for childcare, we have to realize that a family must be the best and most responsible place for a child – even if the child has a single surviving parent or kin family. Eventually the love, attention and dedication for a wholesome growth of a child can be best decided and invested in, by a parent or kin family.

KARE has currently reached close to 300 children either through recurring support through the last few years or through one time support.  A safe and caring family is what gives a child the most stable start and equips the child to live a fulfilling life. We work to support families who are at risk of separation by providing with household economic strengthening and good parenting skills. KARE looks at various ways of implementing support – financial sponsorship is just one aspect of what we do. We equally ensure quality counselling and mentoring through our qualified social workers and also community Saathis. We believe every person needs a friend and a Saathi is the best person who can support a family through a challenging ordeal of loss and tragedy. Tragedies can be overcome if only one is supported through moral support and strength. Often such families are deserted by their own families and left with despair they have understand no solution to look ahead for their own future or that of their child. KARE steps in to bridge this gap by being a companion, a friend, a mentor, a counselor and a concrete form of support.

At KARE we believe solutions also lies in concrete solutions along with the emotional mentoring support. We look at ways of skill training investment for such parents or young adults, micro enterprise investments, higher education, basic nutrition and needs, medical care, and other day to day needs that help to overcome the challenges of day to day living as well as towards creating a goal and direction for the future. KARE believes people should not be made dependent over a long period of time, but must be weaned into their own security and independence as soon as they are emotionally stable to move ahead.

We believe the best way to provide services is through assisting the government who is overwhelmed by the challenges that come to them from the vast city of Delhi. Whether it is the Child Welfare Committees, The District Child Protection Units, or the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Childhood years are especially important because they determine the survival and well-being of the child and lay the foundation for learning and general development. In these years, children develop cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills through supportive family and community care, proper nutrition and health care, and the learning opportunities they need to succeed in life. KARE has a positive impact on the participation, retention, and education of children in primary and tertiary education.

The micro-enterprise-based entrepreneurship development program is one of KARE’s interventions. Enterprise is the capacity & willingness to initiate and manage creative actions to respond to opportunities wherever they arise for value-added results. Sustainable development occurs when internal potential is recognized. transforming unorganized labour force into Strategic Business Enterprise and generating number of entrepreneurs is not an easy task. This requires a lot of positive force from the government, organizers, funding agencies and NGOs. The caregivers are mostly without any skills or education, making them disorganized and more vulnerable. ‘A child will go to school only if the family, particularly the mother, is empowered’. To enable this proverb in the urban slums of Delhi, KARE program has initiated to offer special services like skill training and support for a low investment ‘start-up’ ventures to the caregivers of the children.