Skill Training

This Centre was developed in the mid 80s, when it was realized that many women are illiterate even in such a large city. There were many reasons for this factor such as:

1. School drop outs
2. Migration of workers from small towns and villages along with their families
3. Extreme poverty
4. Inequality towards male and female children
This results in women being totally dependent and having no skills of survival. The real problems that come up are when they suddenly have to start to survive and earn for themselves. This means finding a job to stay alive. For many of them, they have no skills and so are lucky to find work as house workers, maids, cleaners and such kind of work. This brings in basic income to survive but not enough to live with basic amenities. The chain reaction is, children are neglected, quality of life is below livable standards, and the children are constantly exposed to threat of abuse, health issues and lack of education. This results in a sad condition which becomes harder to get out of.

What kind of training is provided?

Our training school for women is unique as it works to educate women in a skill that will help them become self reliant. We have many trainees who are school drop outs, primarily as their families cannot provide them the option of education and a further option of a life ahead. Limited with scope of a future, their lives are already planned into being dependent.

Tailoring and Embroidery Section: Stitching and tailoring class including hand and machine embroidery trained more than 10,000 students since 1986. These students have successfully completed their course.

Beauty and Culture Section: This is one of the more favorite training courses, as the trainees enjoy the training not only to learn for themselves but also as a skill for their financial independence. This programme was started around 2003, and has trained more than 6000 women who have cleared the course and joined employment with parlors; some have initiated their own salons, while some prefer to work from their house.

Trainees at the school

It trains about 60 students each day with courses ranging from a few months to a year. Each student must attend daily lessons for the duration of the course. The cost effectiveness is managed by fine tuning the needs yet ensuring quality of training. This ensures good training on a one to one basis.

Besides the cost of direct education, equipment are regularly upgraded or purchased to meet the needs of each student.

Many of our students have progressed well enough to start their own small businesses, become self employed, or find employment opportunities in salons and other companies.